Resume parsing

Extract data from a profile, a resume or a CV across all media formats — such as names, emails, phones, etc

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Discover our Profile Parsing tool with our Parsing API V3.0
Upload resume
Upload a resume/CV extract its semantic entities — such as names, emails, phones, locations, companies, schools, degrees, job titles, tasks, skills, interests, durations, dates and more.
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Profile Searching

Talent Pool/Marketplace Search Demo powered by Profile Searching API.
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Recruiter Copilot

Our AI-powered Recruiter Copilot is designed to help you or your users identify the most qualified candidates for a job opening.
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Profile Asking

Ask a question based on a Profile object with Profile Asking API.
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Profile Unfolding

Predict the future experiences and educations of a profile. with Profile Unfolding API.
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