Text Imaging

The Text Imaging API is crucial in bridging the gap between blue-collar workers and job descriptions. It allows individuals who possess the necessary skills but may have difficulty reading to quickly understand and apply for job opportunities. By converting text-based job descriptions into visual images, the API makes it more accessible for a broader range of candidates, ultimately promoting inclusivity and diversity in the workforce.

Enter a job description
Enter a job description to generate an image that showcases the tasks required from your future employees.


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Text Parsing

Enter an unstructured text and extract its semantic entities — such as companies, locations, tasks, skills, interests, durations, dates and more.
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Text Tagging

Predict most likely tags for a text with our library of AI algorithms.
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Text Linking

Enter a word and get its Top 10 closest words whether it is a person name, school, organization, skill, interest, country and more.
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